The Future of IFE



Fiber-To-The-Screen® technology provides a truly superior performance IFE system for your passengers with unmatched capability, exceptional customization flexibility and greatest capacity with highest reliability.


Revolutionary ultra-low cost, ultra-light weight in-seat revenue generation and entertainment platform for single aisle aircraft.

FTTS® Second Screen

Enables passengers to use their own tablets and smartphones simultaneously at their seat without interrupting the entertainment running on the FTTS HD monitors.


Revenue Generation

Onboard sales maximized by utilizing credit card reader embedded into every seat, plus the latest entertainment with advertising and paid content in tiered upgrade packages or offered à la carte.


Customized airline branding to engage with your passengers. Our innovative software development team will design this customized branding in a fast, simple, and easy to manage way.

Content Integration

We work with distributors, labs and your content service provider to ensure the best quality content is delivered to your passengers. We’ll combine and tailor all content elements to your specifications and prepare the master disk for each content cycle.


We are committed to ensuring that our highly reliable and state-of-the-art products meet the exceptional standards you demand. Our team is dedicated to providing the outstanding customer support you require to ensure seamless operation of your aircraft fleet.

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